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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this online or in person?

Socially Speaking is a tele-health practice and all our sessions are run through zoom​

How can I enroll in the PEERS program?

To enroll in the PEERS program, please visit fill out our intake form, and we will call you to discuss eligibility:

A conversation with a speech pathologist or provisional psychologist must take place before starting the program.


Are there any prerequisites or requirements for participating in the PEERS program?

There are no specific prerequisites for joining the PEERS program. However, we recommend that participants have a basic understanding of verbal communication and possess the ability to engage in group activities and discussions.

Isn't in-person therapy more effective than therapy conducted over Zoom?

Our social skills group therapy conducted via Zoom offers numerous benefits. One of them is that participants feel comfortable learning from the convenience of their own homes. We encourage individuals to turn off their cameras/microphones for a short period if they need to engage in self-stimulatory behaviors or take movement breaks, allowing them to fully participate when ready. Our group is designed as a therapy program rather than a social group, and Zoom provides a comfortable setting with fewer distractions. To learn more about the research supporting our outcomes, please refer to this article:

What are the fees for the PEERS program?

The fees for our 16-week PEERS® Program amount to $333 per week. ($166 per 1.5 hour session for the social coach and the participant)



This is inclusive of:


  • 90 minute social skills group for the participant with a speech pathologist

  • 90 minute training for the allocated social coach with a provisional psychologist (this is run at the same time in a separate breakout room) 

  • Resources provided to support participant and social coach

  • Weekly homework tasks to build and develop skills between sessions


Support can be utilised from Capacity Building: Social and Community Participation, Improved Relationships, Improved Daily Living Skills, Improved Health and Wellbeing, Improved Learning, Improved Life Choices, Finding and Keeping a Job

Core funding can be utilised in the following areas: Social and Community Skills/Participation, Work and Assistance with Daily Life. 

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