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PEERS® Bootcamps

PEERS® Bootcamps are designed to teach evidence-based social skills to teens, young adults’ families, practitioners and educators. Bootcamps are a condensed version of the full PEERS® program and focus on a specific set of skills relating to one particular social category.

Online Dating and Friendship Bootcamp

  • Our next bootcamp will be held on the 14th and 15th of September from 10am-2pm AEST each day. 

PEERS Bootcamp
PEERS Friendship bootcamp



Starts 14/09/2024

This bootcamp provides support with:

  • Conversation Skills 

  • Finding a source of friends

  • Planning and organising social gatherings

  • Forming and maintaining friendships 

  • Managing conflict 

Friendship Bootcamp

As seen on ABC's "Love On The Spectrum"



Starts 15/09/2024

This bootcamp provides support with:

  • Dating etiquette

  • Letting someone know you like them

  • Choosing appropriate people to date

  • Asking someone on a date

  • Flirting appropriately

  • Relationship boundaries 

  • Handling rejection 

  • Navigating through the different stages of dating

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Dating Bootcamp
Image by Jason Goodman




An estimated 80 percent of adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are unemployed. The PEERS® for Careers Program is an innovative program for people with ASD or suspected ASD who are interested in acquiring job-related, social, and practical skills for a successful transition from educational to employment settings. The program teaches necessary skills for obtaining and maintaining a job. The program creates a scalable solution to employment barriers faced by individuals with ASD.


This bootcamp provides support with:


  • Building a resume

  • Interviewing skills

  • Finding a good career fit

  • Navigating the work environment

  • Stress management and executive function

  • Conflict resolution

Careers Bootcamp



$90 per hour and NDIS participants who are self or plan managed may be able to use their current NDIS plan.

PEERS Bootcamp Cost
Bootcamp Cost

Ready to join? 

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